100 Juta Suara Dukung "REFERENDUM" West Papua

15 Juli 2011


Report from Piron Moribnak

The doubts of people living in the central highlands about a socialising programme launched by the commander of Cenderawasih Military Command/XVII to create harmony which has been under way since 2 May 2011 have been confirmed.

The programme is nothing more than a shield which became clear when troops involved in the socialising programme suddenly halted these activities and started to conduct sweepings as part of a military operation.

Since 6 - 8 July, fully armed troops have surrounded the headquarters of the TPN/OPM under the command of General Goliat Tabuni in Tingginambut and a battle has been raging since 5 July during which three TNI soldiers were shot in Kalome, district of Tingginambut, and were flown by helicopter to Jayapura.

The TNI's programme to build houses for the local people and to give sermons a

Larangan boikot Israel digugat kelompok HAM

Kelompok-kelompok pegiat hak-hak sipil Israel berencana menggugat sebuah undang-undang baru yang bertujuan melarang aksi boikot produk-produk dari pemukiman Yahudi Tepi Barat.
Larangan terhadap "segala boikot berdasarkan letak geografis" itu diloloskan hari Senin (11/7).
Undang-undang itu dikecam keras sebagai "sangat tidak demokratik" dan disebut sebagai pelanggaran terhadap kebebasan berekspresi.
Berbagai petisi menentang undang-undang itu akan diajukan ke Pengadilan Tinggi Israel. Satu kelompok menyerukan boikot minyak zaitun dan minuman anggur dari berbagai pemukiman Yahudi di Tepi Barat.
Undang-undang itu membolehkan gugatan perdata terhadap individu atau organisasi di Israel yang secara terbuka menyerukan boikot.
Gugatan boleh diajukan tanpa menunjukkan bukti kerugian 

Gugatan hukum

13 Mei 2011

Negara Bertanggung Jawab Terhadap Penembakan 3 Warga Sipil di Dogiyai

(JAKARTA, Jumat 13 Mei 2011) - Koalisi Mahasiswa Papua Anti Militerisme (KMP-AM) minta kepada Kapolri untuk segera mencopot jabatan Kapolda Papua, Kapolres Nabire dan Kapolsek Moanenami terkait insiden penembakan tiga warga sipil yang terjadi di Distrik Moanemani, Kabupaten Dogiya, Papua.
Hal ini ditegaskan Frans Tomoki dari Koalisi Mahasiswa Papua Anti Militerisme dalam jumpa pers yang berlangsung di Kantor KontraS, Jln. Borobudur No. 14,, Jumat (13/05) hari ini.
Menurut Frans, sudah hampir satu bulan peristiwa penembakan berlangsung, namun penuntasannya tak kunjung jelas. Ia juga mengkritisi tindakan brutal yang dilakukan oknum polisi dalam menembak warga sipil tanpa peringatan terlebih dahulu.
“Seharusnya ada peringatan sebelum menembak, namun aparat kepolisian langsung menembak tanpa memikirkan dampak yang akan terjadi. Ini termasuk kategori pelanggaran HAM berat.”

Tanpa Izin, Yahudi Indonesia Rayakan HUT Israel

INILAH.COM, Jakarta - Perayaan Hari Ulang Tahun Israel akan tetap berlangsung hari ini, meski tanpa mengantongi izin menyelenggarakan acara dari Kepolisain RI.

Tokoh Yahudi Indonesia, Benjamin Kethang, mengatakan perayaan hari kemerdekaan Israel yang jatuh pada Sabtu (14/5/2011), tidak bisa ditunda.
"Ditunda-tunda enggak bisa, kan pelaksanaannya tanggal 14 Mei, itu hari kemerdekaan Israel," ujar Benjamin kepada INILAH.COM, Sabtu (14/5/2011).
Benjamin dan 20 orang penganut agama Yahudi di wilayah Jakarta dan sekitarnya, akan tetap merayakan HUT Israel ke-63 secara tertutup.

11 Mei 2011

Begini Persiapan HUT Israel di Jakarta

INILAH.COM, Jakarta - Komunitas Yahudi Indonesia berencana merayakan Hari Ulang Tahun (HUT) ISrael ke-63, di Jakarta, pada Sabtu (14/5/2011). Persiapan perayaan tersebut telah dilakukan, seperti apakah panitia ini menyiapkan perayaan hari kemerdekaan negara Israel?

"Pendaftaran peserta dan menyewa lapangan terbuka, Memesan Bendera Israel," ujar Ketua Panitia HUT ISrael, Unggu Dahana, kepada INILAH.COM, Kamis (12/5/2011).

Tidak tanggung-tanggung, puluhan atau bahkan ratusan bendera ISrael yang akan dikibarkan di hari kemerdekaan Israel akan didatangkan langsung dari negara tersebut. "Bendera Israel dari Israel sudah tiba, made In Israel," tutur Unggun.


I went to El Paso, Texas, today to lay out a plan to do something big: fix America's broken immigration system.

It's an issue that affects you, whether you live in a border town like El Paso or not. Our immigration system reflects how we define ourselves as Americans -- who we are, who we will be -- and continued inaction poses serious costs for everyone.

Those costs are human, felt by millions of people here and abroad who endure years of separation or deferred dreams -- and millions more hardworking families whose wages are depressed when employers wrongly exploit a cheap source of labor. That's why immigration reform is also an economic imperative -- an essential step needed to strengthen our middle class, create new industries and new jobs, and make sure America remains competitive in the global economy.

Because this is such a tough problem -- one that politicians in Washington have been either exploiting or dodging, depending on the politics -- this change has to be driven by people like you.

President Obama is traveling to El Paso, Texas to discuss the need to fix our broken immigration system

Today, President Obama is traveling to El Paso, Texas to discuss the need to fix our broken immigration system.  You can watch his speech live atWhiteHouse.gov/live starting at 3:30 p.m. EDT (1:30 p.m. MDT):
Our nation is the leader of the global economy in part because of the steady stream of hardworking and talented people who have come to our country in search of a better life for themselves and their families.  As we continue to strengthen our economy, we need an immigration system that demands responsibility and accountability from government, businesses and immigrants themselves.

4 Mei 2011

Papuans renew calls for Independence

Thousands of people have joined mass rallies in cities and towns around Papua to mark the handover from UN to Indonesian control in 1963.
Demo Referendum For West Papua
In a direct challenge to Jakarta, the demonstrators are calling for a new referendum on independence.
The rallies also mark the rise of younger activists impatient with the lack of progress over decades of demanding a fairer deal from Indonesia.

Presenter: Karon Snowdon
Speaker: Victor Yeimo from the West Papua National Committee; Camilia Webb-Gannon, Coordinator of Sydney University's West Papua Project
SNOWDON: On May 1st 1963 the United Nations handed over the administration of Papua to Indonesia.

11 April 2011

US: 2010 Human Rights Report: Indonesia


April 8, 2011

Indonesia is a multiparty democracy with a population of approximately 237 million. In July 2009 Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was reelected president in free and fair elections. Domestic and international observers judged the April 2009 legislative elections generally free and fair as well. Security forces reported to civilian authorities, although the fact the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) continued to be partly self-financed had the potential to weaken this control.
Human rights problems during the year included: occasional incidents, primarily in Papua and West Papua Provinces, of arbitrary and unlawful killings by security forces; vigilantism; sometimes harsh prison conditions; impunity for some officials; official corruption, including in the judicial system; some narrow and specific limitations on freedom of expression; societal abuse against religious groups and interference with freedom of religion

KNPB : Status Politik Papua Siap Diusut Ke Mahkamah Internasional

Bucthar Tabuni Ketua Umum Komite Nasional Papua Barat (KNPB) menyatakan saat ini perjuangan  International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP) siap mengajukan status politik Papua untuk di bahas di Mahkamah Internasional.
"Ada sekitar 62 angota ILWP (pengacara internasional), 50 anggotanya  dari beberapa negara di wilayah Eropa dan 12 anggota lainya dari Pasifik, akan menggugat pelaksanaan PEPERA 1969 ke Mahkamah Internasional pada tanggal 2 agustus 2011 nanti." kata Bucthar Kepada Cendem, Sabtu (9/4)