100 Juta Suara Dukung "REFERENDUM" West Papua

28 Desember 2010

Obama's Indonesian Visit Linked to Military Aid for Kopassus

Wikileaks has released information exchanged between the American Embassy in Jakarta regarding preconditions for President Obama's triumphant visit to Indonesia November 2010. Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is reported in the released documents to have made renewed military aid for their elite special forces, Kopassus a condition for the visit. This SOURCE
Aid and training had been suspended for a decade because of Kopassus' involvement in helping to establish the dictatorship of General Suharto in the 60s and later the invasion and massacre of thousands in East Timor and Aceh. Currently the Kopassus focus has been in West Papua where it is rumoured that the biggest gold reserves on the planet lie. The American mining company, Freeport McMoran is named by Timor Lorosae Nacao-diario as one of the companies set to benefit if Indonesia can prevent the former Dutch colony from separating from its control.
"During the 1990's the indigenous Amungme people filed a $6 billion lawsuit against Freeport McMoran blaming the company's practice of releasing tailings directly into local rivers for causing irreparable environmental damage to local waterways and forests. The case was rejected in the U.S. federal court on the grounds that the environmental claims could not be tested against any international law. Freeport stated that the lawsuit "had no basis in law or in fact." "ABC.net
There is a strong separatist movement in W. Papua which is being combatted by the special forces, Kopassus, in a most vigorous way. Accusations of systematic genocide of the indigenous people have been levelled.

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