100 Juta Suara Dukung "REFERENDUM" West Papua

9 Januari 2011

Photos News : Free West Papua vigil outside the Indonesian Embassy in London 2011.

By WPNews
Jan 9, 2011, 23:09

Demo Rilise Bucthar Tabuni, Sebby Sambom, Vicoter Yeimo , Pilep Karma and All the Political Prisoner in West Papua.
We need immediately release the entire political prisoner in West Papua. Indonesia no rights to hall all the political prisoner in the Prisoner in West Papua.
Indonesia Illegally Occupied Our Country 1963 then killing, ripe, torture, imprisonment, and illegal military operation in West Papua.

 Indonesia no right to claimed over West Papua.
Indonesia Illegally arrives in West Papua and started killing West Papuan Peoples.
Indonesian illegally killing, murder and torture Papuan Melanesian Rice.
Please go Home
Live us along
We want to Free
Live us along
Free West Papua!

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  1. free for papua.........hell for israel kill everyone jews and give for the dogs...they always use the american idiot for they interest