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3 Januari 2011

Komnas HAM ‘Refuse’ Papua Human Rights Case Trial

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) has said it is too soon to confirm whether the military is responsible for severe human rights abuses in Papua.

The rights group has submitted its investigation to the military and police to follow-up. “Our team have found indications of abuse, which we have given to the authorities to follow-up,” Komnas HAM deputy chairman in charge of external affairs, Nur Kholis said yesterday. The case must be resolved legally, said Nur, adding that he appreciated the way the military was handling the case. However, said Nur, he did not agree with Agus Suhartono that no human rights abuses had occurred.

Four military officers abused Papuans in October 2010, video footage of which was broadcast on Youtube. Pangdam XVII/Cenderawasih Major General Hotma Marbun responded quickly by holding a military tribunal to investigate the incident.

Matius Murib, chairman of the Papuan branch of Komnas HAM, says he is not satisfied with the way the case has been handled and would like to see the officers tried in a non-military court. According to him, there are several elements to be considered, such as systematic violence, victims and social impacts. SUMBER


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